Watch this heartwarming video to feel good all day long

If you're an animal lover, this video of Dr. Jane Goodall and Wounda the chimp is a must-watch.

If you’re the kind of person that punches in the search terms “cute” + “animals” on YouTube more often than you care to admit (does every Friday night count as too often?) then you’ll enjoy this heartbreakingly uplifting video from the Jane Goodall Institute (via Upworthiest).

The video is called “Wounda’s Journey.” Wounda is a rehabilitated chimpanzee that has spent months recuperating at Dr. Jane Goodall’s Tchimpounga sanctuary site in the Republic of Congo.  Goodall founded the sanctuary to provide both care and a home for chimps that have been used and/or abused in the illegal commercial bushmeat and pet trades.

The video documents Wounda’s trip from the sanctuary to the famous chimp advocate’s wildlife preserve on Tchindzoulou Island. Along the way, Wounda travels in a crate by car and by boat, and alongside Dr. Goodall, still going strong at 79 years old!, and Wounda’s caregiver.

The video celebrates her release into the wildlife sanctuary, a momentous event for the now healthy chimp.

The most touching moment comes about three minutes into the video and shows a private moment between Goodall, an unwavering supporter of chimps, conservation and wildlife, and Wounda. I won’t spoil the moment for you — it’s the kind of thing that triggers the all-embarrassing spontaneous tear-up — but rest assured it’s worth the investment of your time.

Congrats, Wounda!