It only takes...

It doesn’t take a fortune or a huge commitment to help feed the hungry in your community or across the world. Here are some easy, useful ways to get involved

A used stamp to take part in Oxfam Canada’s Stamp Out Hunger program, which supports agricultural and community development in countries stretching from Cuba to Ethiopia. The charity raises about $10,000 every year by selling stamps to collectors.

Your vegetable garden to feed a household. Plant an extra row of food, such as tomatoes, sweet peppers or peas, and donate the harvest to families through Grow a Row, a partnership between Food Banks Canada, the Garden Writers Association and the Composting Council of Canada.

A decent vocabulary to provide an important staple food to the hungry. Every time you define a word correctly at, sponsors donate 10 grains of rice to the UN World Food Programme. In a year and a half, they’ve donated nearly
1.3 million kilos worldwide.

One empty printer-ink cartridge to buy one carton of milk for a hungry family. The Toronto program thINK Food resells the cartridges to manufacturers and donates the money to food banks.

The cost of a hardcover book ($28) to provide 34 meals for neighbours in need through Meal Exchange, a student-founded Canadian organization that currently operates on more than
50 campuses nationwide.