It Only Takes

It doesn't take a fortune or a huge commitment to help out with the water crisis in your community or across the world. Here are some easy, useful ways to get involved

It only takes…

• A bottle of water to help provide one person with clean water for 20 years. When you buy a bottle for $22, charity:water gives 100 percent of the price toward building wells in more than a dozen countries.
• A toilet to help a young girl in India stay in school. The absence of toilets is directly related to poor health and higher drop-out rates; donate a few dollars to the World Toilet Organization and they’ll help build some new ones.
• A low-flow shower head for a family of three to save over 500 litres of water a week.
•Using both sides of one sheet of paper to save 10 litres of water, the amount it takes to produce it.
• A few hours to help rid our coasts of harmful litter. Sign up to participate in the annual TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, which takes place September 19 to 27. Last year, Canadians across the country scoured more than 2,000 kilometres and removed 322,780 cigarette butts, 106,468 food wrappers and 84,552 plastic bags.
• Adoption papers – for a cod to support the Atlantic species’s recovery. Your $40 will symbolically adopt a cod and help World Wildlife Fund Canada’s conservation efforts.