It Only Takes...

It doesn’t take a fortune or a huge commitment of time to make a big difference in the lives of women across Canada. Here are some easy, meaningful ways to get involved

It only takes:

Two knitting needles and 10 skeins of yarn to knit a blanket for a local chapter of Alberta-based for Canada. The blanket will be donated to an emergency shelter.

The price of a new top ($30) to help raise the $4 million needed to build a second Yellow Brick House shelter in Ontario’s York Region. The shelter, which supports women and children who are escaping abuse, has turned away hundreds because there’s not enough space.

The price of a movie ticket ($10) to buy a year-long membership in the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, which works to break the cycle of poverty and integrate immigrant families into the community by empowering women.

A pair of sneakers to participate in the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter Annual Walkathon in May. The shelter, which celebrated its 35th anniversary last year, also operates a 24-hour crisis line and a free legal clinic.

Stellar scrapbooking skills (or whatever you’re good at) to provide a workshop for residents of Nova Scotia’s Marguerite Centre, a facility for women recovering from addiction or abuse.