How to makeover a lamp


How to makeover a lamp
Add drama to a plain lamp in under ten minutes
Tools and Supplies:

• Pair of scissors
• Double-sided tape
• Glue gun and package of glue sticks
• 7W energy-efficient bulb
• IKEA GRONO table lamp ($10) or GRONO set of two ($24); comes with outlet
• Black satin ribbon (two inches thick, diameter of your lamp)
• Black lace (6 inches thick, diameter of your lamp)


1. Wrap a length of lace around the lamp, measuring as you go. Cut so the lace meets up nicely on one corner.

Tip: Experiment with different coloured lace and extra ribbons you may have lying around.

2. Lay the lace flat. Place a few strips of double-sided tape or hot glue on the lace’s bottom edge. Pull the lace taut and affix to the lamp one side at a time.

Tip: Double-sided carpet tape is a forgiving option if you decide to change the look.

3. As with the lace, wrap a length of black ribbon around the lamp. Measure to fit and cut so the edges are flush on one side.

4. Lay ribbon flat then place a strip of hot glue on the ribbon’s edges and wrap around the lamp. The cut edges should meet on the same corner as the lace. The ribbon will also hide any tape or glue.

5. Screw a 7 watt flourescent bulb into the lamp’s outlet cord and plug it in to showcase the stunning results of your ten-minute lamp makeover. The 7 watt bulb is not only safe – it’s also energy-efficient.

Tip: For a softer layered effect, wrap a double length of organza under the lace and affix with industrial double-sided tape (available at hardware stores).