How to make your bedroom sexier

Four quick tips on decorating with a romantic touch


Bedroom, mirrored wall, black ceiling

Your bedroom should be a refuge, an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life…OK, while that isn’t always true (we wish!), you can make a few changes to boost the sex appeal, even if it’s just for one night. Try these four quick tips for bringing romance back to the boudoir.

There’s nothing like sliding into a freshly laundered bed in the nude, whether or not you’re enjoying it alone. Try sheets and pillowcases made with silk, satin, high-thread count cotton, cashmere blends or even flannel. Save them for a special treat to be pulled out when you’re longing for a little comfort – or TLC time.
Look for bedside lighting that is soft, subtle and easily reachable (nothing kills the mood like fumbling for the switch). Or, if you’re not in the market for a new lamp, try the old college dorm room trick of draping a pretty scarf over it. Go for feminine colours like rose, lavender or dove gray.
Studies have shown that men are aroused by the smell of pumpkin – who knew? If pumpkin doesn’t really do it for you, look for scented candles with hints of warm cinnamon and spicy nutmeg. In fact, every woman should always keep candles in the bedroom. Candlelight is super-flattering – trust us, flickering shadows are definitely forgiving.
It may seem cheesy, but music really does set the mood. The trick is to have it on soft enough that you don’t get caught up in the words – try instrumentals or classical as well – and on repeat if you want to maintain the soundtrack. Personalize a mix CD or MP3 list with your favourites tracks, and why not throw in a few funny ones? Laughter in the bedroom – for the right reasons, of course – is one of the sexiest additions.