How to exit a car like a lady

Etiquette expert Nathalie Findlay gives a technique on how to exit a car gracefully (and without showing more than you want to)

Paris Hilton getting out of a car

When exiting a vehicle, particularly a sports car, place a dime between your thighs. (If you feel your thighs will not stick together effectively enough to hold the dime, please keep that ‘problem’ to yourself: You will have no sympathy from me.)

Put the dime firmly mid-thigh and hold it there by pushing your legs together. Sitting up straight, use your abs to lift your legs, then swivel 90 degrees until your feet can be lowered onto the pavement. Then, to avoid looking like you are exiting a laundry basket (which, let’s face it, has the same ergonomics as a bucket seat), scooch forward and use the edge of your seat to lever yourself upward with your arms. Unless you are over 90, you shouldn’t use the grab handles. A lady never shows her pits.

Nathalie Findlay is a lifestyle and etiquette expert.