How I'm coping with feeling lonely in my new city

I finally have furniture, clothing, and a home, but I can't help but feel like something is missing.

feeling lonely

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I’ve done everything possible to keep myself busy these last few days in Vancouver. I’ve shopped until my debit card nearly melted in my hand. I’ve painted and cleaned every square inch of my place. I finished buying all the household necessities and I have cleaned my car to a perfect shine. I’ve written blogs, written some of my novel, and I’ve read four books. I’ve done about everything I can to keep myself busy and prevent moments where I might actually feel my loneliness.  

I knew that once my things finally arrived from Ontario, I would start feeling like I’m at home in Vancouver. In a military family, you move pretty often so you learn that most of your home comes with you to every new house. There are things that remind me of my childhood home like the clang of the German grandfather clock, the delicate nature of our heirloom figurines, and the cool surface of our leather couch. Those things follow me wherever I go and no matter what, remind me of all the places I’ve been and all of my family memories. But as I sit here now, staring at the view of the mountains, I still feel like something is missing. There’s no Mark. No Duncan. No family.

The good news is my new job with D&M Pulishers Inc begins in just one week and I’m beyond excited to work with other people who love books the same way I do. I’m going to be involved in the creation of something that I’ve loved for as long as I can remember. How many people get to do that? How many people get to do what they love for a living?

With work, will come friends, and I know that in just a few months, life won’t feel so lonely anymore. In the meantime, I have these treasures in my new apartment to provide me with comforting memories of home.