How creative are you?

It may be close to the surface or way down deep, but we all have a creative side. Here’s how to unleash yours

Some people believe you have to compose a symphony or write a book to be considered creative. But what creativity really means is that you allow your mind to play. We’re all born with this ability, but it’s easy to forget when we grow up. We hear people tell us we’re good at something – or lousy at it – and we take it to heart. But being creative isn’t about having a talent. It’s about experimenting and looking at things in a different way – and it’s a great way to relax and recharge. Open yourself up to inspiration! Take this quiz, then read on to learn how you can be even more creative in your daily life. Warning: giving in to creative impulses can make you happier and healthier – and can definitely change your life!

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Are you inspired?

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