Your Horoscope For October 2020

October will feature the last Mercury retrograde of 2020. See what that means for you.

October’s main headliner is the last Mercury retrograde of 2020. Mercury retrogrades in general are good for completing unfinished projects, reviewing plans and reassessing goals. Mercury will first start to move backwards in Scorpio on the 13th and finish in Libra on November 3rd, bringing a mix of unexpected breakthroughs as well as a need for strategic planning. Expect delays and be ready to adjust as necessary. The month begins and ends with two full moons, which indicate a culmination and completion, while the new moon indicates an opening and beginning. New moons can feel exhausting while full moons tend to be uncomfortable and high strung—both lunar shifts are best spent laying low and resting. Scorpio season officially begins when the sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd, settling us firmly in fall weather.

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