Homemade Christmas

If you’re short on ideas, take your cue from these six projects to re-inject a little heart into your holiday home

Kiddie tree

This one’s for them: A tiny tree, perfect for toddlers to get at, is decorated with preschool projects, lengths of ribbon and cut-up photos.

Advent stocking

Mismatched socks and stockings find a new use in this whimsical variation of the advent calendar. Strung across a window, with paper numbers stapled to them, they also act as a novel garland. Hide a tiny treasure in each sock for the little ones to find.

Hidden gems

For a brunch table, try tucking little gifts into small boxes at each setting. The boxes can act as place-card holders, and are an attractive, easy update to the traditional Christmas cracker.

Save the wrapping

No time to pop by the drugstore for wrapping paper? No worries; vintage postcards, old photos, tissue paper and twine make for beautifully unexpected giftwrap.

Simple setting

Try pinecones, decorative paper and cut-out initials as an original place-card setting. Using sheets of giftwrap as placemats or as a runner down the centre of the table instantly add colour to simple white linens.

Quick candles

Tall latte cups or everyday mugs make homey candle holders in this five-minute project. Fill a mug with dry chick peas, rice or any other small grain. Bury the candle in the grains so that it stays firmly in place. Decorate with florist moss, pepper berries or sprigs of holly.