Give it a whirl, girl

Get the skinny on seven guy things you should try—if you haven't already

Alright ladies, kick off your heels and grab a few of your best buds—it’s time to let loose and play like the boys. Get your chips ready for a night of high-stakes poker, reel in your own catch-of-the-day, or take that motorcycle course you’ve been eyeing. Girl time has never been so good!

Poker pro

Next time your honey tells you he’s going to play poker with the guys, don’t pout—plan a high-stakes game of your own. Gather your friends for an evening of Texas Hold’em, Seven-Card Stud, or Razz.

Whether you bet with real money or something more creative like handing off unwanted household chores, you’ll have a blast sharing juicy gossip, perfecting your poker face and maybe even winning a jackpot or two.

Gone fishin’

What could be better than a quiet day on the lake? Glorious sunshine, pristine waters—and no guys allowed to disturb your tranquil mood. Pack a few munchies, gather your gear and leave early in the morning with a friend who enjoys natural solitude as much as you do. Canadian fishing is world-famous for lake trout, northern pike, walleye, rainbow and brook trout and smallmouth bass—which means that after a full-day’s outing you should be able to reel in enough fresh fish for a spectacular dinner. Remember to look into fishing regulations and licenses, fees and water safety conditions before you head out.

Vegas getaway

If your idea of a good time involves glitter and glam, Sin City is the place for you. Boys may think they own this party hot spot—but Vegas is the perfect destination for your all-girl escapade. Grab your sexiest threads and head out for a weekend you’ll never forget. From playing the slots to sipping champagne, Vegas is Disneyland for grown-ups. With over-the-top themed hotels, luxurious swimming pools, great restaurants and fabulous shopping, odds are you might not want to come home.

Biker babes

Picture this: You’re looking super-hot decked out in head-to-toe leather and sporting the latest must-have shades. The sky is a sea of blue and the trees a blur of green as you barrel down a quiet road. You feel powerful, free and electric. Whoever said that motorcycles were boys’ toys had it all wrong—they’re for fearless gals like you looking to kick it up a notch. Although you can’t just jump on a bike and take off, once you learn the basics you’ll be revving your motor and heading for the open road in no time.

Nature girl

OK, so when you close your eyes and imagine your all-time favorite fun-spot, it may not include mosquitoes, sleeping bags or bathing in the lake. But once you become one with nature, going camping with the girls is one of the best ways to bond, boys-free. Get casual and comfy, slap on some sunscreen and spend the day swimming, canoeing, or hiking. At night, share a bottle of Chardonnay and toast marshmallows over a roaring campfire. Before you know it, your stress will melt away and you’ll stop wondering why every man you know insists on a yearly guys-only camping weekend.


Your heart is pounding, your palms are sweaty, but the time is finally right to make your next move. Suddenly, before you have time to even duck, something comes whizzing towards you. The next thing you know—splat, you’re out! Paintball has been all the rage with men for years, but why shouldn’t us girls give it a whirl? The game is essentially “Capture the Flag,” only in paintball you eliminate opposing players by tagging them with non-toxic ink-filled balls expelled from a special gun. Keep in mind, physical size and strength are not nearly as important in this game as quick thinking and determination.

Let’s get physical

For many women, it often seems there’s just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on the to-do list. As a result, exercise and spending time with friends are among the first things to get dropped. Why not put an end to that trend and combine the two activities by joining a sports team with some of your pals? Whether you want to tone your legs by kicking around a soccer ball or work out your frustrations during a high-impact game of rugby, getting involved in an organized sport is a great way to get fit and still feel the girl power. After the game, make time to head out for a drink or cup of tea and catch up on some conversation.