Friendship secrets

Tell us what you love – and what drives you bonkers! – about your friends. Find out how you measure up against other readers when we turn your best answers into a story for the April 2005 issue.

Do you have a “best” friend?


My closest friend is…

A girlfriend
My mom
My sister
My spouse
A male friend
My beloved pet
Someone else

My closest friend is a lot like…

Oprah – I love how warm and supportive she is
Bridget Jones – She’s not perfect, but I adore her
Phoebe from Friends – She’s a bit wacky, but lots of fun
Wonder Woman – I don’t know how she does it all!

How long have you had your oldest friend?

less than 4 years
5 to 10 years
11 to 15 years
16+ years

How often do you spend time with friends?

At least a few times a week
Once a week
Once or twice a month
Every few months

What’s the craziest thing you and a friend have ever done together?

Has a friend ever lied to you?

Yes, and we worked through it
Yes, and we’re no longer friends
I don’t know
Optional: Got time to tell us what her lie was about?

Have you ever lied to a friend?

Do little white lies count?
Optional: Got time to tell us what your lie was about?

Pick one quality that drives you crazy in a friend:

Can’t keep a secret
Always late

What’s the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?

What’s the worst thing a friend has ever done to you?

Have you ever wanted to “break up” with a friend?


Ever actually done it?

Optional: How?

Your first name
(in case we quote you – we’d like to include some of your best responses in our story)

Thank you for your submission. Be sure to check out our April 2005 issue for the results!