Social quandary: My ex's girlfriend wants to end our friendship

They broke up many years ago and remained close friends. Now his new girlfriend is trying to push her out of his life...

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My ex-boyfriend *Chris and I broke up over six years ago. We were friends for a long time before we dated, and it only seemed natural to stay friends after we broke up. He’s even become one of my husband’s good friends. About eight months ago, Chris got a new girlfriend. My husband and I are really happy that he’s met someone. We often invite them over for dinner or to hang out as a foursome – but unfortunately, she rarely says yes. She knows that Chris and I were in a relationship before, and it bothers her. When Chris makes plans with us, it’s always just him on his own. What’s worse is that she’s starting to push us out of his life. More and more, she makes plans for the both of them and gives excuses why they can’t see us. I’ve always got along with his other girlfriends, but this one seems hellbent to kick me out of his life. What should I do? Should I try to talk to her about it? Or would that make things worse?

*name has been changed

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