How to make an organizational board

Get rid of the paper clutter! These four DIY boards will help you clear the mess and stay organized.

Magnetic organizational board

House of Smiths


A great way to stay organized is with a catch-all board to display all your important notes, receipts and reminders so you can see them easily without having to dig through piles of paper. You can also double it as an inspirational board by including photos and images that inspire you. Use one in your office space, kitchen, or any room that needs decluttering! Here are four ways to create your own organizational board:

1. Magnetic board

I love the idea of hanging an organizational board on the inside of a pantry door, which is a great way to hide all your paper clutter. This House of Smiths DIY board is stylish and convenient — and you can clip your receipts and notes up easily with magnets. Here’s the instructions on how to do it.

2. Painted cork boardThis visual display uses cork tiles that are pieced together to form a square board. You can purchase cork tiles at your local craft or hardware store. (My local dollar store sells them in a pack of 2 tiles for $2.) Using tape, create diagonal stripes and then paint the exposed cork. Once dry, lift the tape to reveal a bold striped pattern. Attach the pieces to the wall using adhesive strips.Photo credit and instructions: The Happy Home blog.

3. Fabric board with ribbonThis cozy board uses fabric and batting to create a stylish display. Cover a standard bulletin board with a layer of batting, then fabric and staple the edges to the back of the board. Next, take your ribbon and using push pins to hold them in place, create a criss-cross pattern to form diagonal shapes. Attach the ends of the ribbon to the back of the board with staples or hot glue.Photo credit and instructions: The Glitter Guide.

4. Bright tapeI like this idea of foregoing a board altogether and taping your collected images and notes on to the wall with bright, colourful tape for a casual and fun look.Photo credit and instructions: Boligliv.