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Please respect your moderators. With tens of thousands of people coming to post everyday, it’s inevitable that conflicts and misunderstandings will arise. In order to keep things under control, hires experienced, trained moderators to answer questions, delete inappropriate posts, moderate conflicts and keep the forums running smoothly overall. In order for the community to work, their decisions need to be respected. Continuous deletions and displays of disrespect will result in an official warning, which can lead to banning. Please read through the warning system outlined below.

You are welcome to contact the moderator privately to ask about deletions, but please keep inquiries off the forums. Moderators do not discuss deletions online, unless in extreme cases when a deletion affects more than one person. If you wish to contact the moderator on duty at any time, please click the “blue line” link at the bottom of each post that says: If you feel that this message is inappropriate for this forum, please submit your concerns to the Forum Administrator. You don’t have to report the post – use this link to send an email directly to the moderator.

• Respect your fellow users: lively debates are welcome, but personal attacks are not. Think before you post – would you say it to someone’s face? Remember that there is a person on the other end and think about how your post could affect them – or how you would be affected.

• Do not “out posters” – this means that if you suspect someone of posting under two screen names, do not accuse them or imply this in a post. There can be no proof either way and accusations lead to arguments off-topic to the thread.

• Do not write anything potentially libellous, illegal or plagiaristic. If you copy information or an image from an outside source and include it in your post, please credit the source.

• As in most public forums, attacks based on others’ membership in an identifiable group such as race, ethnic origin, disability, gender and/or sexual orientation are not allowed.

• No unpaid advertisements, “selling” or “for sale” posts or solicitations for business/time/money/signatures on our boards, please. This includes links to petitions, charities, contests or personal Web sites. Please do not use the community as a means for market or study research of any kind.

• As this is an English forum, please do not post in other languages.

• Please post in the appropriate forum for your topic. If you don’t, the moderator will move the thread and post a message re-directing everyone to the correct forum.

• Please do not use profanities or otherwise foul language. Our language filter will change inappropriate words to the characters “[#@!$]” – so keep it clean.

• Although talk of sex and legal sex acts is allowed on these forums, avoid smut and explicit, graphic details – there are plenty of other sites for that! Frank discussions of sex are welcome, just keep it clean and appropriate.

• If you ask for and receive medical advice in any forum, do so at your own risk. Anonymous advice, no matter how professional it sounds, is not medical advice. You should always follow up with your personal medical professional.

Please keep chit chat to a minimum. Chit chat can be defined as threads not directly related to the forum topic, or personal back-and-forth posts that take a thread off topic. Chit chat will be deleted after 24 hours have passed. Our forums are arranged by topic and opinions, advice and tips on these topics are always welcome – these posts keep an interesting and engaging community.

We understand that in the sex & relationships forum, chit chat occurs more often and can be entertaining and relationship-building. The moderators use their judgment to decide what is on-topic – for example, threads about personal growth or sharing personal stories are welcome, even if it doesn’t seem quite about sex, romance or relationships. This forum is a place to communicate and engage with your fellow posters. Happy birthday/anniversary threads will be removed to save space only after the poster has acknowledged that they have seen the thread – or if there is no acknowledgement, then after three days. Threads about meet and greets will not be considered chit chat.  If you do want to chat more personally with someone, we suggest you exchange e-mail addresses.

• Chatelaine and take no responsibility for the opinions expressed and advice exchanged here; we are unable to check any facts and therefore cannot attest to the accuracy of information contained in any conversation thread. The copyright on any message posted here becomes the property of Rogers Publishing Ltd., and the message may therefore be reproduced in other forms.

Warnings and Banning
Moderators keep track of deletion emails and understand that deletions can vary in seriousness. Warnings are the next step up from a deletion. Warnings are sent to people who repeatedly: have their posts deleted for violating Netiquette, ignore moderator requests, stir the pot to create a negative atmosphere.

1. Warnings: If you receive five (5) official warnings, you will be asked not to return to the Chatelaine forums (ie. banned). A warning is an email from the moderator that includes “Warning (1-5)” in the subject line. Please read through it to be sure you understand.

2. Banning: You will be banned once you receive five (5) warnings from the moderator. You will not be welcomed back and any new handles created will be immediately banned as well. Banning is irreversible and taken very seriously.

3. Zero tolerance: We have a zero tolerance policy for any posts containing language that blatantly attacks a person’s race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Banning is immediate. We have a zero tolerance policy for trolls. A troll is usually quite obvious – it’s someone who directs cruel, mean-spirited posts to a specific poster or group of posters (often under a new handle). If you see a troll post, please notify the moderator on duty. We do our best to catch those posts as soon as possible, but your help is always welcome. Trolls are immediately banned.

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