22 Flowery Looks To Channel Summer

The dramatically lush over-sized blooms are totally in, from wall paper to pant suits. Find the best way to jump on this floral trend.

Florals are always fresh. The trick, though, is to know which blooms are in at any given moment. Right now, Laura Ashley’s twee, peony-covered pilgrim sleeves are out (so ’60s), as are the kitschy chintzes of the late ’80s, and the hyper-stylized William Morris patterns of the aughts. Today’s hot take: dramatically lush over-sized blooms — hyper-amped versions of the kind found in Dutch masters’ paintings, which are cascading across wallpapers, curtains, dresses and bags. Saturated pinks, oranges, yellows and reds pop off dark backgrounds, creating a hard-edged attitude that says, “While these roses may be pretty, they do have thorns.”