Five ways to show them you care

How much do you love them? Let us help you count the ways with five inspiring, heart-felt ideas.

1. Parents
Invite your parents over for dinner, but save the routine meatloaf. Surprise them by re-creating their wedding day dinner, from soup to dessert. Quiz relatives and their friends on all the details from what was on the menu to interesting anecdotes.
2. Best friend
Send your BFF to the City of Lights. On paper, at least. This easy-to-install custom-made border of Paris can be applied on most walls. The four-metre-long detailed wallpaper not only provides a panoramic view of the city, but a week’s worth of inspiration, too.
3. Significant other
Try a couples cooking class. Many cooking schools offer one-day classes with all the bells and whistles: surf and turf menus or aphrodisiac dishes complete with a chocolate dessert served by candlelight. So put on a cute apron, rub elbows and then enjoy a gourmet meal you made together. Bon appétit!
4. Kiddies
From a tennis bag to a comfy hoodie, every kid (big or small) holds on to a favourite item. Why not customize it with a monogram so they can treasure it forever? Check out online detailing spots like the Little Monogram Shop. Tip: If you’re using the traditional technique that consists of three intitials, remember that the last initial is placed in the center and should be the largest of the three. For example: If your name is Grace Audrey Toby, it should read “GTA.”
5. Neighbours, teachers, co-workers, etc.
Make a date to bake. Whip up a batch of heart-shaped sugar cookies for the people you care about. Add pink food colouring to the icing, grab some sprinkles and practice your best Jackson Pollock. And you get to lick the bowl, too!