Five ways to help feed the world

The global famine crisis may seem colossal, but there are small contributions you can make to help

Five ways to get involved in the plight to end hunger

1. Buy a bag (and help feed the world). Each Feed Bag purchase provides enough food to feed one child for one full school year. The UN World Food Program (WFP) provides nutrient-packed meals to children in school in 74 countries. Each bag costs $60.

2. Or buy a (grown up) lunch bag. Purchase a lunch bag from Mario Batali, the man behind, or underneath, the infamous orange crocs. A portion of proceeds go to the Lunchbox Fund , providing lunch to many pre and high school orphaned children in South Africa.

3. Over 800 million people suffer from starvation and 11 million children five years old or younger die from hunger-related issues. The Help End Hunger Now foundation offers a dozen ways to donate and 100 percent of funds raised goes directly to providing nutrient-dense foods. Or, volunteer as a photo or video journalist to help document and educate others about the cause.

4. Are you a wordsmith with a cause? Then log on to FreeRice and flex your vocabulary muscle. How does it work? Every time you correctly define a word, the UN World Food Program donates 10 grains of rice. It’s the Sudoku of the word world and it’s highly addictive.

5. One is your go-to site for up-to-the-minute policy development news specifically related to global poverty. And with Bono serving as a co-founder you know he’ll hold world leaders accountable for their promises (remember his shout out to former PM Paul Martin?).