Five things to see, try or do in your lifetime

The brain releases the feel-good chemical dopamine in response to learning, so check back each month for five new ideas to try

1. From your grandmother’s authentic perogies to your dad’s secret tomato sauce, collect all of your family’s recipes and publish them in one book as a gift for all at your next reunion. Go one step further and photograph, print and professionally bind them through for a sure best-seller with your family.

2. Get in touch with your inner Thumbelina. Start by securing all those loose or missing buttons from your lonely shirts, then try stitching up that hem (no will see or care how ugly it looks from the inside), and then maybe you’ll feel more comfortable to move on to a more advanced project like a pillow cushion.

3. Release your inner Joan Jett and pick up a new or gently used guitar and sign up for lessons. Plenty of for-women-only guitar classes (like Guitar Girl) have sprung up all over the country. Get involved in the next rock ‘n roll revolution.

4. Be a much-needed philanthropist. Donate $7 to purchase a life-saving mosquito net to protect children from malaria in Africa. Or buy a goat for only $58 and help support an entire family’s livelihood.

5. Start training for a spring marathon in Ottawa or the summer run in Edmonton…online. For $50, the Running Room’s web clinic includes an on-line training log and evaluation and audio clips with advice and inspiration. But you still have to lace up and do the actual running!

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