F*ck Love authors answer relationship conundrums Live on Facebook

This Wednesday, Feb. 8, ask Michael and Sarah Bennett about cheating, intimacy, chemistry and the perils of online dating.

F-ck Love

Photo, Simon and Schuster Canada.

’Tis the season to worry about love and Lindor-related weight gain. If you’re currently fretting over dating the wrong people, Facebook stalking an ex or low-key hating your partner’s family you’re a) forgiven and b) in need of advice. This Wednesday (Feb. 8, 2017) at 2:30 p.m. EST, Katie Underwood will be joined on Facebook Live by Michael and Sarah Bennett, the father-daughter duo behind F*ck Love, a new book full of sensible relationship wisdom that, they say, “your parents/psychic, favourite trashy magazine never gave you.”

Simply send your most pressing (anonymous) love questions to our “mailbag” (via Facebook message or email at by Wednesday at noon and let the Bennetts (attempt to) solve your issues.

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