A cute video that reminds us to be more playful

Feel-good Fridays: Take a little inspiration from this fun pup and do something spontaneous this weekend.

Remember when you were little and being playful and spontaneous came so easily that you didn’t have to try and have fun every moment of your life, you just did? You couldn’t pass up a chance to play on the swings, or hopscotch your way to school. And once you made it to school you couldn’t resist rolling down the hill at lunchtime over and over again.

You can be forgiven if you resist the temptation to hopscotch your way to work during your daily commute now. And what sane adult would be caught dead rolling down a hill during their lunch break? The mud stains alone make the enterprise entirely impractical. And frankly, you’d probably strain something.

The maturity that comes with age has its benefits — a steady paycheque for one. But it also comes with a few drawbacks. Drawback No. 1: It can dramatically reduce those necessary life-affirming moments of unadulterated fun. (A steady paycheque necessitates work, which can seriously cut down on playtime.) If you haven’t had one of those moments in a while then this video of an English Bulldog puppy (via Huffington Post) throwing caution to the wind and gleefully rolling down a hill again and again may be just what the doctor ordered.

The puppy — her name is Sophie — knows a thing or two about having fun for fun’s sake, and it appears there’s nothing Sophie enjoys more than taking a tumble for kicks. You needn’t follow Sophie’s lead, not unless you really want to, anyway, but you might take a little inspiration from her joyful spirit and focus on having a playful weekend of your own.

Just try not to strain something.