Did Tessa Virtue And Maple Leaf Morgan Rielly Just Confirm They're Dating?

They're currently in North Vancouver.

Tessa Virtue and Toronto Maple Leafs star Morgan Rielly may have just confirmed they're dating

(Photos: Getty Images)

When Tessa Virtue spoke to Hello!, Chatelaine’s sister publication, for their March 5 issue, she told them she had plans to bring a date to former ice dancing partner Scott Moir’s wedding, but wanted to remain private about who it was. But we might now know who it was.

On March 23, the five-time Olympic medallist appeared on Hamilton, Ont. band Arkells’ “Flatten the Curve” live stream. She was joined by Toronto Maple Leafs star Morgan Rielly.

They’re currently in North Vancouver, and also spoke about what they’re reading on the show as well and other ways they’re keeping busy. The 30-year-old and the NHL defenceman also discussed how they’re working out in self-isolation. She added her sister, Jordan, has been joining their workouts.

“We put her on FaceTime and she taught a barre class, and that was really fun,” Tessa said.

That Virtue and Rielly are isolating together has made fans convinced they’re dating. Earlier this year, fellow Leafs star Auston Matthews hinted at that, jokingly saying he was annoyed he and Morgan didn’t hang out as much because Rielly was spending so much time with Virtue.

During the Flatten the Curve episode, Tessa also gave a huge shoutout to Canada’s doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, who are working tirelessly to help those infected with COVID-19 and stop the spread of the virus across the country.

“We’re just in awe,” she said. “We’ve been speaking at length just about the courage and the bravery that takes and the grocery store attendants and staff members have just been phenomenal. It is amazing to me that the communities have come together. Whether it’s in London or Bayfield or here in Vancouver, the communities have really come together to serve one another and that’s really beautiful to see.”

Max loved what she had to say about that, and quipped, “I think you should be the next prime minister, Tessa.”

Morgan agreed, and smiled sheepishly at Tessa after they had an exchange about how she’s “too nice sometimes” and she said the same about him.

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