Did Meghan Markle Drop An F-Bomb In Public On Her Wedding Day?

Each week, we apply our smell test to the new batch of royal wedding rumours to tell you what’s true and what stinks worse than rotten kippers.

Prince Harry's wedding beard with Meghan Markle in car

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, after their wedding ceremony. Photo, Gareth Fuller/Getty Images.

The rumour: The bride dropped an F-bomb during the royal procession

Where you heard it: The Daily Star
The report: After the wedding ceremony, the newly-minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex embarked on carriage procession through the streets of Windsor as crowds cheered them from the sidewalks. An overwhelming experience, even for a former actress apparently, which would explain what appears to be an accidental f-bomb.
The smell test: The Star article includes video footage, which means this is really more about seeing than sniffing. And it certainly looks as if the bride momentarily forgot that the eyes of the world (and Twitter and professional lip readers) were upon her. Then again, MM has done pretty well with the whole “just like us” thing, so maybe the foul language was just the latest step in her charm offensive.

The rumour: The Queen gave Harry special permission to sport a beard

Royal Wedding Fashion: The Good, The Bad And The Bloody Awful!Royal Wedding Fashion: The Good, The Bad And The Bloody Awful! Where you heard it: The Express
The report: Before Harry arrived at St. George’s Chapel on Saturday, there was a lot of speculation around whether his face would be bearded or smooth. Yes, the prince has been rocking ginger chin whiskers for ages, but there was the possibility of him being clean-shaven for such a formal occasion. As we know now, Harry did keep his signature scruff for his wedding-day look, which also included a military uniform. Per a report in the Express, both the scruff and (perhaps) the uniform itself required special permission since beards are generally banned in the British Army and since Harry retired from service in 2015.
The smell test: Kensington Palace released an official statement on Harry and William’s wedding-day garb, noting that they are the frockcoat uniforms of the Blues and Royals, and that her majesty had granted Harry permission to marry in his uniform. No mention of a beard, mind you, but it does seem that facial hair is a standard military no-no, which means granny’s permission would be essential.

Jessica Mulroney with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the rest of the bridesmaids and pageboys

Jessica Mulroney (in blue) enters St. George’s Chapel. Photo, Jane Barlow/WPA Pool/Getty Images.

The rumour: Jessica Mulroney’s “Pippa moment” was staged

Where you heard it: Page Six
The report: Long before the wedding bells rang at St George’s, there was talk that Meghan Markle’s Canadian bestie might steal the spotlight. Apparently someone had to be the “Pippa” this time around, and the British tabs tapped “Markle’s Canadian lookalike” (who actually looks nothing like MM, but anyway). Just a couple of hours after the ceremony, Page Six posted this story claiming that a butt moment had indeed occurred when Jessica walked her young daughter, Ivy, up the church stairs and cameras caught it from (ahem) behind. And now the American gossip rag is piggybacking on its own story, claiming that this moment of posterior glory “was no accident.” The evidence comes from someone in the Toronto social set who told P6: “At a Toronto gala, a prominent photographer asked Mulroney to pose. She said archly, ‘I’m going to give you some Pippa,’ and turned her back to offer a rear shot.”
The smell test: All that quote proves is that Jessica is aware of the Pippa phenomenon and capable of making a joke. No question the royal wedding was a significant moment in the sun for the entire Mulroney clan (including the world’s most famous gap-toothed pageboy — take that Prince George!), but were people really going crazy over Jessica’s rear on Twitter the was they did with Pippa in 2011? Not from what we could see. Just because some photographer caught a snap of Jessica’s rear in a fitted dress does not a viral moment, nor a Machiavellian scheme, make. In short: This rumour smells like sour grapes and whoever wrote this story is an arse. 

The rumour: Wedding guests ordered pizza to Windsor Castle because they didn’t like Prince Charles’s organic menu

Where you heard it: The Daily Mail 
The report: After the wedding and the post-wedding lunch, 200 VIPs were invited to Frogmore House (at Windsor Castle) for the official dinner reception hosted by Prince Charles. From what we have heard, dinner was served at 7:30, but shortly before then, two delivery people showed up at the palace gates pulling a cart full of pizzas from Pizza Express. Per the Mail’s report, this special delivery may have been the result of a revolt from hungry guests who weren’t into Charles’ “spring meets summer” “100% organic” meal selection.
The smell test: While it does seem weird that delivery people would be walking up to the gates of Windsor Castle, the Mail’s narrative smells like week-old pepperoni. Because can you imagine scoring an invite to the world’s most exclusive party and thinking, “I’m just going to go ahead and order up some ‘za,” and offend the future King of England in the process. If the pizzas got through security, that means they were okayed by the royals. Not exactly your typical royal wedding fare, but neither are the cotton candy and dirty burgers that were served. Also: Just because the pizzas arrived around supper time doesn’t mean that’s when they were served. Everyone knows reheated pizza is even more delicious, so maybe this was a midnight snack.