Did Meghan Markle Make A Secret Trip To Toronto?

Each week, we apply our smell test to the latest batch of royal rumours to tell you what’s true and what stinks worse than rotten kippers.

The rumour: Meghan Markle made a secret trip to Toronto this week

Where you heard it: Royal Central
Did Meghan Markle Drop An F-Bomb In Public On Her Wedding Day?Did Meghan Markle Drop An F-Bomb In Public On Her Wedding Day?
The report: While it wasn’t noted on any official itinerary, an unnamed source claims that the Duchess made a secret solo trip to her former adopted hometown of Toronto, which is where she lived (and filmed Suits) when she and the Prince first got together. The reason for the trip was not explained (other than the fact that Markle “still has close friends who live in the city, including the Mulroneys”). The best and most random part of the story is that Kensington Palace allegedly sent a note to Air Canada beforehand, asking that no one take Meghan’s picture or approach her on the flight.
The smell test: You know how you ensure that nobody approaches you or takes your picture on a flight? Fly on a private plane! (Pretty sure the royals have a few of those). Couple the unlikely transport info with the fact that nobody has ever heard of Royal Central and suddenly this rumour starts to smell funkier than a Toronto streetcar during summer rush hour.

The rumour: George Clooney flew Meghan and Harry to his house in Italy

Where you heard it: ABC News
The report: So now that we’ve established where Meghan almost certain was not in recent days (i.e., Toronto), let’s look at some more plausible possibilities. Like this ABC News report claiming that both Duchess and Duke were whisked away on a romantic Italian getaway courtesy of the King of Hollywood (and his courtroom Queen). The two couples reportedly “enjoyed time by the pool and took a private cruise on the Lake [as in Como, where Clooney has had a place for ages].” Also on the agenda were motorcycles and basketball (for the guys) and poolside hangs (for the gals). “Amal and Meghan spent much of their days lounging by the pool together and, of course, playing with the twins,” says ABC royal contributor Omid Scobie, adding that, “Clooney actually [flew] them over to Como from London on his private jet and then an unmarked motorcade transported them from the airfield to the home with, of course, their protection officers in tow.”
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The smell test: Now you see this is how royals should get places. VIP transport details aside, though, we know that Amal and George are tight with the royal couple, not only because they enjoyed prime placement at the wedding, but also because Amal is responsible for introducing Meghan to her UK hairstylist (an act of female bonding to be sure). Also notable here is the source. Not only because it is a reputable news network, but because ABC is behind the upcoming TV special “The Story of the Royals,” a co-presentation between ABC and People mag, which airs Wednesday and Thursday (set your PVR!). In other words, they’ve got pretty solid sources.

The rumour: The Markles are in talks to star in a Kardashian-type reality show

Where you heard it: The Mirror
The report: Relations between the Markle family have been an extremely distracting sideshow for months, and now rumour has it that Bravo (the network responsible for the Real Housewives franchise) wants to put that drama to good use. The series in question would allegedly be “fly-on-the-wall” style and would star Meghan’s half-sis Samantha. “They want something that is similar to Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” says an unnamed source.
The smell test: In the past, Samantha Markle has made no secret of her desire to “cash in” on her royal connection. Which means assuming Bravo is interested (and — bloody hell! — why wouldn’t they be?), it smells about right that she would be too. Which is not to say a show like this will go forward — only that Buckingham Palace may have to prepare a pretty enticing counter offer.