Did Harry Ban Meghan From Wearing A Tuxedo?

Each week, we apply our smell test to the new batch of royal rumours to tell you what’s true and what stinks worse than rotten kippers.

Meghan Markle: Does she have a strict royal bedtime?

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The rumour: Harry banned Meghan from wearing a tuxedo

Where you heard it: The Mail on Sunday
The report: Meghan and Harry will soon be making an official visit to Australia, which means there’s quite a bit of wardrobe planning to do in advance. Particularly for international fashion plate Meghan, who (per the Mail) took a bunch of meetings with various design houses to prep her tour looks, and ordered “a range of designer suits – and even a tuxedo,” to wear down under. Which was all good and fine until her hubby caught wind. Harry has apparently given a “thumbs down” to the aforementioned tux (by Stella McCartney), because he deemed it “not traditional enough” for a specific “glitzy evening event.” And Prince Ginger may not be the only one asking his wife to tone it down. “Meghan is being told she needs to stop dressing like a Hollywood star and start dressing like a Royal,” says the Mail’s source — a member of one of the fashion teams that has visited Kensington Palace over the last few weeks.
The smell test: A lot to unpack here (wardrobe pun intended). Let’s just imagine that the whole thing about the nixed Stella McCartney tux is true. If Harry did say something to Meghan, don’t we think it would be more like, “Hey Megs, this particular event is going to be full of a bunch of old fuddy-duddies, and if you wear a tuxedo that is all anyone will talk about. Maybe let’s just avoid a fuss and save the Marlene Dietrich look for back at Buckingham. You know I love you in a suit, you saucy minx,” and so on… Because 1) MM wears suits all the time — most recently during an official visit to Dublin last week, 2) Her TV show was called Suits, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but feels important to acknowledge, and 3) If anyone “wears the trousers” in that relationship…

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The rumour: Meghan Markle has a strict royal bedtime

Where you heard it: The Sun
The report: In light of Meghan’s previous life and her age, most people would read this headline and assume that the former starlet is being forced to hit the sack early now that she’s a royal. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. According to Sir William Heseltine, who was one of the Queen’s private secretaries, it is considered “bad form” to go to bed before her Majesty, which means junior royals must occasionally burn the midnight (or possibly 10 p.m.) oil to keep up with Granny. “For Diana, the evenings were agony,” Heseltine revealed, noting how Harry’s mum was known to throw protocol to the wind and retire to her chambers while the rest of the gang was still playing Go Fish in the drawing room (or whatever it is that royals do).
The smell test: It is probably true that when one is a guest of The Queen of England, one doesn’t just slink off to the sack. Also true: the woman is 92. And for all of the photos we see when they are together, the reality is that the royal family don’t all live in the same place, and they spend most of their evenings apart. So if there is a so-called “bedtime rule,” it’s one that has to be observed a few times a year. At least for now. The way Meghan and QE2 are getting along, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more royal sleepovers in the future. (And you know what happens to the person who falls asleep first.)

The rumour: Harry and Meghan are “likely” to have twins

Where you heard it: The Sun
The report: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made no secret of their desire to start a family “in the near future.” But will it be a single set of footsteps pitter-pattering down the corridors of Kensington Palace? Probably not, per this headline from The Sun, which notes that multiple births are not just possible, but “likely” for Meghan and Harry. It’s a conclusion they back up via an interview with Helen Turier, Head Of Support Services at The Twins and Multiple Birth Association in the UK, who notes that women in their late thirties and early forties are more likely to hyper ovulate, resulting in multiples. Turier goes on to note that should the royal couple seek out fertility assistance, the chance of multiple births would become even higher.
The smell test: This is not so much an article about Meghan and Harry as it is about multiple births and age. If the Sun really wanted to sell this idea of royal twins, they should have included research that suggests tall women and women with African American backgrounds are also more likely have twins. Of course, even with all of those factors in their favour, the idea that twins are some sort of lock is off the mark, to put it mildly. And yet, it does seem like the Windsors are well past due. The last royal twins were born in 1430.

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The rumour: Meghan’s wicked step-sister Samantha will appear on the new season of Celebrity Big Brother

Where you heard it: Page Six
The report: Samantha Grant is actually Markle’s half-sister (they have dad Thomas in common), but the comparison to Cinderella’s famously self-serving steps feels apt. This woman has been nothing but a thorn in Meghan’s perfectly acceptable pantsuit from the beginning, and now comes news that she will likely be appearing on the Summer 2018 season of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5. Despite the misleading headline, the network has yet to confirm casting. But apparently the theme this year is “the eye of the storm,” i.e., celebs who have gotten mixed up in media scandals, which makes big sis a pretty ideal fit. P6 reports that Grant is not yet signed, but currently “being lined up.”
The smell test: Presumably by “being lined up” they mean “in negotiations.” As in she wants to get more money (just this week she told Good Morning Britain that she’s keen to cash in while she can) and the network wants to make sure that she’s got enough Meghan Markle dirt to make her worth the investment. No question Grant would be a ratings grabber, and no question she’d do it. Which leaves only one key question: The show will air in the UK, but where can Canadian viewers watch? Asking for a friend. Of course.