Did The Queen Just Order Meghan And Harry To Quit It With The PDAs?

Is there any truth in the latest batch of royal engagement rumours? Each week, we apply our smell test to tell you what’s true and what stinks worse than rotten kippers.

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The rumour: The Queen has ordered Harry and Meghan to cut the PDAs

Where you heard it: Women’s Day magazine
The report: It’s true, Harry and Meghan are touchy feely types, and apparently, they “couldn’t keep their hands off each other” at the Royal Foundation Forum last month. Per WD, this level of public intimacy is not OK with a certain prude-y Granny, who apparently summoned Harry to the palace to remind him of the royal position on PDA (anti, in case that’s unclear). An unnamed source says, “Meghan is such a warm person, but being a royal is very different to being a celebrity, and Meghan still has a lot to learn.” As for the prince, the report claims that while he sees nothing wrong with the behavior in question, he “has so much respect for his grandmother,” and wouldn’t want to disobey her.
The smell test: Whether Harry and Meghan will be as openly affectionate in public after their wedding is something we will soon find out. Kate and Wills aren’t exactly handsy, but then the future King is held to an entirely different standard. So while it’s basically impossible that a random Australian tabloid has an exclusive source in the palace, we’re filing this story (at least the part about the Queen’s position on PDA) under plausible, if not provable.

The rumour: The Queen shaded Meghan Markle in her royal wedding announcement

Will Prince William Walk Meghan Markle Down The Aisle?Will Prince William Walk Meghan Markle Down The Aisle?Where you heard it: Harper’s Bazaar
The report: Because Harry is fifth in line to the throne, he needs his Granny’s permission in order to get married, which the queen offered up (in writing) at a meeting of the Privy Council last week, declaring her “Consent to a Contract of Matrimony between My Most Dearly Beloved Grandson Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle.” Markle’s first name is Rachel, btw, so no the issue isn’t that Her Majesty pulled a Ross Gellar. Instead, Bazaar notes that in her consenting of William and Kate’s wedding HRH referred to her future granddaughter-in-law as “trusty” and “well-beloved.”
The smell test: While it would certainly make sense that the Queen felt a stronger pre-martial bond with Kate than she now does with Meghan, can we give the world’s longest reigning monarch a little credit? This woman is as good at throwing shade as she is at wearing hats, but public putdowns are so not her thing. As for the difference in wording between the two documents, read this for a full explanation from Lainey Gossip. Basically, it comes down to the fact that the Queen must issue two consent letters and that it was in the second letter that she lavished praise on Kate. Meaning Meghan may get her own flattering adjectives in the future. Or … she may not.

The rumour: Meghan Markle might get married in a white jumpsuit

Where you heard it: The Daily Mail
The report: A highly speculative story based on the fact that Markle’s close friend Misha Nonoo, a fashion designer, recently released a line of bridal jumpsuits. “Walk down the aisle with an unforgettable timeless MN piece,” notes a recent press release, which the Daily Mail is interpreting as a hint re. Markle’s wedding day wardrobe.
The smell test: Possibly the stinkiest rumour yet — a bride marrying in St. George’s Chapel would no sooner sport pants than the QE2 would show up in a pair of nipple tassels.

The rumour: Prince Harry won’t sign a prenup

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Where you heard it: Town + Country
The report: Prenups are usually a foregone conclusion for mega-celeb weddings (especially those where one party has millions in family money and property). However, per a number of publications, the future Duke and Duchess won’t be establishing who gets what should their royal fairytale fail to go the distance. Apparently this is less a romantic gesture, and more based on the fact that prenups aren’t really a thing over in England.
The smell test: Strange that organizing the fair division of assets wouldn’t be a thing in a family where the d-word isn’t actually that uncommon. Charles and Di, Fergie and Prince Andrew, and (spoiler alert for The Crown fans) Princess Margaret and Tony Armstrong-Jones. It’s likely that royal assets belong to “the monarchy” as opposed to any one individual and are thus protected, but perhaps Harry isn’t the one who ought to give this some thought. It’s Markle who gave up her previous career to become a royal. And she’s the one who could end up with the short end of the scepter. Just ask Fergie.

The rumour: Meghan and Harry hid at Ben and Jessica Mulroney’s place

Where you heard it: In the new book Harry: Life, Loss and Love by Vanity Fair royal writer Katie Nicholl
The report: Per a new royal tell-all, the happy couple were here in Canada when news broke of their relationship. Paparazzi swarmed Markle’s Toronto home, and (according to Nicholl), the actress suggested they hide out at her best friend’s house. MM’s bestie is Jessica Mulroney, who is married to Canada’s smiliest anchorman, Ben. Apparently, the prince showed up with gifts for the Mulroney kids and Ben shared stories about Princess Diana’s visit to 24 Sussex.
The smell test: This story has been floating around Toronto gossip circles for a while now, and its appearance in a researched-biography (as opposed to a ridiculous tabloid) bodes well for authenticity.