Oprah's no-nonsense approach to schooling Lindsay Lohan

The lifestyle guru gives the spoiled starlet some un-Oprah-like advice to shape up.

Oprah talks to Lindsay Lohan first trailer Lindsay on Own Network

Oprah Winfrey talking to Lindsay Lohan; Photo, OWN Network.

Oprah Winfrey doesn’t have any children, but had she and Stedman gone the onesies and burp-cloth route we think the TV icon would have made a pretty tough mama.

The evidence: this new clip (via gawker.com) of her taking perennial goof-up Lindsay Lohan to task for acting like a spoiled starlet during filming of her new reality show Lindsay for Winfrey’s OWN network.

After being told that the Mean Girls star and tabloid mainstay is making life difficult for the filmmaker and crew hired to film the eight-part series, Winfrey sits Lohan down for some real talk.

Winfrey assures Lohan that she really wants her to “win” but then makes it clear to the troubled young actress that if she’s hellbent on losing, i.e., being bratty and self-destructive, then she’ll just tell the crew to pack up and leave Lohan to continue her tragic (and seemingly endless) spiral downwards.

When Lohan assures the chat show host that she’s in fact ready to “win” with Winfrey, the lifestyle guru gives her some very un-Oprah-like advice.

“You need to cut the bulls—t,” says Winfrey.

The look on Lohan’s face suggests she rarely hears that kind of direct command all that often (and based on the clips with her troubled parents I have a feeling they rarely offered such solid advice to her). Here’s hoping it was an a-ha moment for the young actress.

Whether or not the edict has any positive effect on the starlet remains to be seen. But for Winfrey fans — even her critics — it’s a standout moment, and one that suggests Winfrey doesn’t suffer fools, or starlets.

Lindsay airs on OWN.