3 signs that Baroness von Sketch is must-see Canadian TV

You've got to see these laugh-out-loud bits from the CBC's new all-female comedy show.

A still from Baroness von Sketch's "Locker Room."

A still from Baroness von Sketch’s “Locker Room.”

The CBC’s newest comedic offering is an all-female sketch comedy show (!!!) called Baroness von Sketch. Judging from the clips released in the lead up to its June 14 premiere, BvS looks like it could be today’s answer to The Kids in the Hall, only with more lady bits. The show stars Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen in skits that send up aging, parenting, fashion trends and friendship. Here are some of the funniest sketches so far:

1. “Locker Room”

What it’s about: Hitting a certain age and no longer being worried about how your body looks.

Standout line, delivered in a change room of nude middle-aged women: “Welcome to your 40s, Kelsey. Welcome to not giving a shit at the gym.”

2. “F*ck Marry Kill”

What it’s about: Taking teenage games a little too seriously.

Standout line, delivered while grave-digging: “Sarah, stop crying. We all agreed: Fuck Tom, marry James, kill Todd.”

3. “Types of Jeans”

What it’s about: Denim trends and their ridiculous names (i.e.: boyfriend jeans).

Standout line, delivered after sashaying in a dressing room: “These are the Slutty Cousin jeans… I’m not actually not even working it. They’re just so tight I can’t move any other way.”

Baroness von Sketch premieres June 14 at 9:30 pm ET on CBC.

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