5 Podcasts About Mysteries (Criminal And Otherwise)

If you’re in the market for a new mystery, here are five great podcasts that all unpack a puzzle of some sort, within an hour.

The logos of the podcasts listed. If you’ve burned through Broadchurch and demolished a stack of Louise Penny books, you might be in the market for a new mystery. These podcasts all unpack a puzzle of some sort, within an hour (or less).

The logo of Criminalia


For Shondaland Audio, hosts Maria Trimarchi and Holly Frey look at women who commit murder by poison, including two 19th-century husband poisoners who dispatched three men apiece. The duo’s warm, worn-in rapport makes for easy, fizzy listening.

The logo of The Last Archive.

The Last Archive

Jill Lepore—historian, New Yorker writer and Wonder Woman biographer—tackles a big question: Who killed truth? Seeking an answer, she detours to curious places: the birthplace of the lie detector, a circus sideshow and Silicon Valley.

The logo of Articles of Interest

Articles of Interest

A new season of this sartorial podcast homes in on luxury. Host Avery Trufelman examines wedding gowns, diamonds and—with street hustler turned designer Dapper Dan—knock-offs, to parse why we want the things we do.

The logo of Unearthed.


London’s Kew Gardens is home to over seven million plants, and some of the botanists that tend them also solve crimes. Self- described botany geek James
Wong explores an unexpected underworld of water lily thieves—and murder.

The logo of Teenager Therapy

Teenager Therapy

The biggest mystery of all is the teenage mind. Until now. Five thoughtful, vulnerable California high- schoolers talk friendship, acne, pronouns, Black Lives Matter, lockdown and, with Meghan Markle, mental health.

All shows are available on the Apple and Google podcast apps.

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