August 2013 editor's letter: T.G.I. summer

Editor-in-chief Jane Francisco reminisces about her summers spent at her grandfather's boathouse.

Photo by John Cullen

Photo by John Cullen

It may be beyond cliché to talk about how much we Canadians value our glorious seasons. But as the days lengthen and the temperatures soar, I find myself gushing about the warm weather, and how much I love summer.

When I was a kid, I used to while away my afternoons in the boathouse (pictured) that my grandfather bought long before I was born. My grandmother had saved a wicker doll’s cradle from her childhood that I would haul out through the upstairs window onto the boathouse roof (my parents would’ve freaked if they’d known) because I wanted to show the dolls the spectacular view. When I was a teenager we had sleepovers there, playing endless rounds of gin rummy, whispering and giggling until all hours. It was also the spot that allowed me to forge a sense of independence, sleeping away from the main house and my family to brave quiet nights on my own.

Several years ago, I bought the property for myself. It’s the first investment I made without the help of anyone else — I even paid off the mortgage last year! My boathouse is a place that combines sentiment and memory, particularly of time spent with my grandparents, and possibility for the future. I smile every time I see my son swimming in the water I loved so much growing up. (Let’s hope he stays away from the roof!)

During the long winter months, I am constantly dreaming up decor ideas for my home away from home. My little boathouse is the size of a teeny-tiny city condo, so decorating limitations are substantial. But this doesn’t stop me from imagining its potential.

Poring over pictures of spaces like Justine Melman’s waterfront cabin gets my creative juices flowing and leaves me wanting more. I love her creative mix of antique and contemporary furnishings. If you’ve got the decorating bug too, check out the fresh seasonal ideas in our new Summer Living decor special, on newsstands now. Dream up your own breezy warm-weather style — from rustic modern to casual eclectic.

I hope you’re also feeling the summer vibe and will find all the inspiration you need between our covers to enjoy my absolute favourite season to the fullest.

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