10 Eco-Friendly Alternatives For Things You Use Everyday

These stylish waste-reducing products are an easy way to cut back on packaging and single-use plastics.

By now, you probably have a stash of reusable totes, water bottles and coffee mugs. Here’s a list of bonus waste-reducing and environmentally friendly swaps that can help you add more green to your routine.

Instead of: A plastic toothbrush

Try: A bamboo toothbrush

eco-friendly swaps everyday items-Brush with Bamboo bamboo toothbrushes on a white background
Traditional toothbrushes are made of hard plastic and nylon bristles so they don’t biodegrade. Their bamboo counterparts are organic, USDA Biobased and can be tossed in your compost (sans bristles) when you’re done with them.  $27/4-pk,

Instead of: Bagged tea

Try: Loose leaf tea

eco-friendly swaps everyday items-Pluck-Southbrook Berry Blend tea from Plucl Teas
Sold in recyclable bags, Pluck’s Southbrook Berry Blend amps up the “reusing” ante with grape skins from Niagara vineyards. 200g tin $8,

Instead of: Zip-top bags

Try: Stasher bags

eco-friendly swaps everyday items-MEC silicone snack bag

Even the sturdiest zip top bags can only be reused a few times before they start to fall apart. Made from sturdy silicone, Stasher bags are microwave and dishwasher safe and come in a rainbow of irresistible colours. From $12,

Instead of: Disposable Razors

Try: A safety razor

With proper TLC, it can last a lifetime, and companies like Albatross Designs offer a blade return program. $40 U.S.D.,

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Instead of: Paper towels

Try: A sponge cloth

eco-friendly swaps everyday items-Ten and Co
Producing paper towel soaks up a lot of resources, especially when you consider it’s destined for the trash. These cotton and cellulose cloths leave a streak-free finish, can be tossed in your dishwasher and are fully biodegradable. $6,

Instead of: Menstrual pads

Try: Knix Leakproof Underwear

friendly swaps everyday items-model wearing a Knix leakproof thong
They are available in a variety of cuts and colours, and hold two tampons’ worth of liquid. $30,

Instead of: Nylon dental floss

Try: Compostable dental floss

eco-friendly swaps everyday items-glass jar of KMH Touch flossing string
KMH Touches Pure Silk Dental Floss breaks down in 45 days and comes in a refillable glass container. $12,

Instead of: Disposable cutlery

Use: A cutlery roll

eco-friendly swaps everyday items-Lekko canvas cutlery roll from Etsy
A LEKKO life goods cutlery roll is a great thing to stash in your bag so that you can forgo plastic cutlery when you’re out and about. $15.

Instead of: Traditional stain remover

Try: Buncha Farmers Stain Remover

eco-friendly swaps everyday items-Buncha Farmers Stain Remover stick
Stain removers that come in spray bottle may be difficult to recycle, thanks to the spraying mechanism inside the nozzle. Minimally packaged in paper, the Buncha Farmers Stain Remover is effective and fully biodegradable. $5.

Instead of: Disposable sponge scrubbers

Try: Redecker Pot Brush

eco-friendly swaps everyday items-Pot Brush with wood handle
Made from untreated beechwood and plant fibers, Redecker’s sturdy little brush is chic, effective and compostable. $8, Nu Grocery.