Easy closet organization

If a custom closet is out of a reach, a few good accessories will give you a handle on messy clutter

The sight of unruly piles of clothes, overturned mismatched shoes and hooks dripping with accessories can make even the most diehard fashionista want to retreat from the closet and head back into bed.

Notice how fabulous boutiques peddle their high-priced wares? Bets are there are only a few pieces per rack on attractive hangers, with space between them so the clothes aren’t crammed in pell-mell.

Give your clothes a little respect; they’ll repay you by making you look awfully good. Start by assessing your needs. If you are struggling to jam everything on a lone rod, install a second one underneath (about 36 to 40 inches off the ground) to double your hanging space.

Shoe fetish

Get shoes off the floor away from grit that can scuff leather with a revolving rack, or buy boot shapers topped with hooks so they can hang on a rod. For shoes that see daily action, choose racks with multiple trees or shelves so they can air out. If you consider your shoes works of art, you may want to display them on a vertical three-tier system that revolves.

For out-of-season or special occasion shoes that only get trotted out sporadically, clear storage boxes look brilliant, or post digital pictures of the shoes on the front of old shoe boxes. Another good option is a mobile shoe rack that fits underneath a rack of clothes. Outfitted with wheels, these racks glide out for easy viewing.

Bag lady

Give those investment pieces the space they need so they are clearly visible and easy to switch up. A canvas or vinyl handbag holder that suspends from the closet rod makes them easy to identify and extra pockets can hold belts, scarves and other accessories.

Rack it up

A retractable belt rack can hold a Raj’s worth of jewellery, or borrow from the boys and turn a tie rack into a handy spot for scarves and necklaces.

Think vertically and use a pant rack to neatly store multiple pairs of jeans.

Valet service

Finally, you might not have über-stylist Rachel Zoe whispering in your ear, but you can have your own valet. A must-have for any closet, telescopic valet rods give you a spot to hang tomorrow’s killer interview outfit or today’s dry cleaning, so you have less planning to do when you’re still groggy and trapped in the morning rush.

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