Dream closet

Conquer linen closet clutter with a few simple tricks to keep things neat and tidy


Fold like a pro
Here’s a sure-fire way to keep fitted sheets perfectly folded and easy to stack.

1. Take sheets out of the dryer as soon as they’re dry to avoid creasing.
2. Turn the sheet inside out and hold two corners width-wise across your chest, elastic facing away from you.
3. Bring right corner to the left and tuck it under fabric fold.
4. Take the bottom right corner and bring it to left hand, tucking under same fabric fold.
5. Repeat with the last corner.
6. Keeping hold of top left corner, straighten hanging edges with right hand. Shake it out.
7. Place on a flat surface and arrange into a square, fold in thirds, and once or twice along length.

More tips:
– Keep dangerous items such as solvents or medicines out of reach of little hands
– Often-used items like towels work best at eye level
– Try storing sheet sets by bed rather than by size (and on different shelves)
– Keep face towels and pillow shams in a handy basket
– A small chest is a great spot for seasonal items

Stash them
Small, stackable and customizable bins keep miscellaneous items in order.

Stack them
Getting your linen cupboard to look perfect is one thing, keeping it that way is a whole different battle. Shelf dividers originally intended for vinyl records are a perfect way to keep those stacks where they should be. Labels ensure sheets get put away in the right place.

Shrink them
Vacuum-pack bags are a great way to get the most from a small space. Pillows and duvets work especially well in these bags, because most of their volume is just air.