Dock your digital camera


Digital cameras have made great photography easier than ever. Now HP makes digital cameras easier than ever with the HP Photosmart 8881 and 8886 camera docks.

Save and print photos with the touch of a button, or connect the dock to your TV and view your pictures on screen. You can even recharge your camera’s batteries while you download pictures to your computer or printer.

Share pictures instantly

Take a picture. Using the camera’s HP Instant Share technology, select one of several destinations for the photo, including e-mail addresses, printers, and more. When you slide your compatible HP camera into the dock and press the download button, your pictures are sent automatically to the destinations you choose.

If you prefer, you can connect the dock directly to your printer, using the easy-to-install USB cable, and print without your computer. Here’s how.

  1. Check that the dock is connected to the printer. (The dock cannot be connected directly to both a computer and a printer at the same time.)
  2. Place the camera in the dock. It will turn on automatically, and a dock introduction screen will appear.
  3. Press the Print button on the dock to start printing.
  4. Adjust the settings in the Print Setup menu on the camera to complete the printing process.
  5. The camera will return to the dock introduction screen when printing is complete. You can remove the camera from the dock or leave it there to recharge the camera batteries.
View pictures on your tv

With the dock’s audio/visual (A/V) cable, you can quickly and easily connect your camera to your TV and view your pictures and videos in the comfort of your living room. The HP Photosmart 8886 dock even includes a wireless remote control!

  1. Select the camera’s video output format (NTSC in the U.S., Canada, and Japan; PAL in Europe) to match the TVs video input format. Check your TV’s manual to determine how to set the TV to accept video from the camera instead of the antenna or the cable.
  2. Connect the A/V cable to the TV connector on the dock, and then to the A/V input on the TV.
  3. Place the camera in the dock. It will turn on automatically.
  4. Press the TV button on the dock to start displaying images.

The camera will start a slideshow of each image, playing any attached audio or video clip and then fading to the next image. You can also manually scroll through the images by pressing the left or right arrows on the camera.

Recharge batteries automatically

The HP Photosmart 8881 digital camera dock comes with four NiMH batteries, and the HP Photosmart 8886 dock comes with two. The batteries will recharge inside your camera whenever the camera is loaded in the dock, even while you download your photos.

The HP Photosmart 8881 dock can connect with both PC and Apple Macintosh computers and is compatible with the following HP digital cameras:

  • HP Photosmart 320
  • HP Photosmart 620
  • HP Photosmart 720
  • HP Photosmart 812
  • HP Photosmart 850

The HP Photosmart 8886 dock is compatible with the following HP digital cameras:

  • HP Photosmart 435
  • HP Photosmart 635
  • HP Photosmart 735
  • HP Photosmart 935

Find out for yourself how HP digital camera docks can make taking and sharing great pictures easier than ever.

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