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Editor's pick: Febreze Scentstories

Tired of your potpourri collecting dust or dealing with the waxy mess of scented candles? Not to worry – home fragrance just got a high-tech boost from the folks at Febreze. Plug in the Scentstories player, slip in a disc – our favourite is Celebrate the Holidays – and you’re ready to enjoy two-and-a-half hours of delightful scents. Yes, “scents” is plural, since the fragrance subtly changes every half hour from, say, “mulling cranberry cider” to “baking holiday pies,” so your nose never gets bored. There are six discs to choose from, and each plays for an average of 50 hours (or 20 plays). Febreze Scentstories starter kit, which includes the disc player and Exploring a Mountain Trail disc, $45. Individual discs, $8.