Date ideas for every price range

From the free to the pricey, romantic rendezvous that'll fit your budget

Spice up your love life with one of our fun and fancy dates designed to suit your pocketbook. Choose the price range that’s right for you then choose your date.


·Go skating at a public ice rink. Snuggle close to keep warm.
·Enjoy a long moonlight walk. Make sure to hold hands and steal a few kisses.
·Play a board game such as Backgammon or Sorry. Spice things up by making the loser of each game remove a piece of clothing.

Under $50

·Rent a couple of movies you’ll both like and enjoy a cosy night in. Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket and settle in for some great nuzzling.
·Explore an area of your city or town that you’ve never been to. Act like a tourist and check out the shops, galleries or historic homes. Stop for a drink and snack at a local pub.
·Create an Arabian night in your living room. Light candles and place them around the room. Set brightly coloured scarves on the floor, play music to match, turn off the lights and serve one of our three delicious menus.

Under $100

·Get dressed up and go out for a nice dinner. Try a type of food you’ve never eaten at a restaurant you’ve never been to. Order a not-too-expensive bottle of wine, sit back and revel in each other’s company.
·Pack a picnic, then pick a direction and set out on an adventure drive. Visit whatever catches your fancy along the way–wineries, county fairs, antique shops. Stake out a pretty locale for lunch, preferably lakeside.
·Take a one-day or night class together. Make sure you try something you’ve never done before but think you might enjoy. Cooking, dancing, massage and martial arts lessons are just some of the courses that may be available in your area.

Under $250

·Head out for a night on the town. Eat dinner in a posh restaurant (i.e., one where you don’t understand the menu), then attend a play, concert or sporting event.
·Book a double appointment at a spa. Schedule side-by-side massages, pedicures or body wraps.
·Pre-book a weekend at a quaint bed and breakfast. Pack your partner a bag, jump in the car and don’t tell him (or anyone else) where you’re going. While you’re there, enjoy some shopping, a local performance or a day on the slopes.

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