Prince George doesn't high-five Justin Trudeau, international press loses it

Fresh off a flight, the three-year-old had no response to the Canadian PM's attempt to befriend him — which the media cast as a mean-spirited snub.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, centre, kneels to talk to Prince George as his father The Duke of Cambridge speaks with Governor General David Johnston, right, and The Duchess of Cambridge holds their daughter Princess Charlotte upon arrival in Victoria, B.C., on Saturday, September 24, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

Photo, Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press.

A near diplomatic crisis happened this weekend upon the Royal family’s arrival in Canada: After a long, transatlantic flight Saturday, three-year-old Prince George (a.k.a. wee Christopher Robin of Cambridge) wasn’t in the mood for games. As the rest of his entourage deplaned onto the tarmac in Victoria, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — charmer that he is — squatted down and attempted a series of hand greetings: A low five. A high five. A handshake.

He got nothing back.

The swift (non) exchange was caught on camera and quickly picked up by international press, chronicled with a level of detail typically reserved for major sports replays or, you know, legitimate disasters. A sample of headlines to show just how whipped up the media got over this failed first greeting:

“Sorry, one doesn’t high five with commoners: Canada’s PM is left hanging as he attempts an awkward greeting with a VERY unimpressed Prince George at the start of the Royal tour” — Daily Mail

“Young Prince George shuns high-five, low-five from Canada’s Trudeau” — Reuters

“Watch Prince George Snub Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s High Five” — Elle UK

“Prince George doesn’t have time for high fives from Justin Trudeau” — Mashable

“Prince George to Justin Trudeau: Please Keep Your Filthy Peasant Hands Away From Me” — Jezebel

“High Five, Low Five…No Five: Prince George Leaves Justin Trudeau Hanging During Canada Visit” — People

“Prince George Refused To High Five Justin Trudeau” — BuzzFeed

“Watch Prince George Reject High-Five, Low-Five From Justin Trudeau” — Slate

“Awkward moment Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is left hanging by Prince George after going for a high-five” — Mirror UK

“Prince George SHUTS DOWN Canada’s Trudeau on High Five” — The Daily Caller

As humiliating as it is to to be totally “SHUT DOWN” by a pint-sized, knee-socked thumbsucker, we’re sure Trudeau — like us — was just impressed the preschooler wasn’t throwing a tantrum on the tarmac after being cooped up on a plane for hours. After all, this wasn’t our PM’s first “awkward greeting.”

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