Of All The Wedding Trends This Season, This One Is The Worst

Two words: Engagement piercing.

Brides are ditching dresses for jumpsuits, vanilla cake for lemon elderflower, and flowers for potted plants. But there’s another trendy swap that’s a bit more extreme: getting rid of rings in favour of engagement piercings.

Engagement ring: would you/wouldn't you..? 😀😱💍

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Instead of a ring, a dermal piercing allows a stone to sit flat on your ring finger. While it’s tough to say how many people are actually getting these piercings, it’s definitely a trend on Insta that Allure, The Washington Post, and even the BBC have noticed.

Dermal piercings are different from traditional piercings like an ear piercing — a dermal piercing sits on the skin with an anchor underneath, making it possible to pierce anywhere on the body. But these piercings come with added risk, including infection and rejection, since the piercing may move if it isn’t deep enough, or start to see skin grow over it if it’s too deep, according to the British Association of Dermatologists, as reported by BBC Three. And a piercing on the finger in particular is even more prone to infection because of how much you use your hands. As dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett told Global News, it could catch on something, causing tearing and scarring, or cause problems with movement if the piercing hit a nerve. And some piercing experts refuse to do them because of the risks.

While this approach could be much cheaper than opting for an engagement ring, a nasty infection is probably not the price your boo wants you to pay for your devotion.

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