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Today's pairing: Lupita Nyong'o's pearl dress stolen + oyster pasta

This is Cooking the News, a daily column that pairs food with the news.

Lupita photo, Getty Images. Linguine photo, Jodi Pudge.

Lupita photo, Getty Images. Linguine photo, Jodi Pudge.

The news: Someone call the fashion police! The custom-made Calvin Klein dress worn by Lupita Nyong’o to the Oscars last weekend has been stolen. What’s worse is that this gown isn’t just some plebeian prom dress — 6,000 rare pearls are sewn into the bodice, and its value is estimated somewhere in the realm of $150,000 (US). Gulp. The L.A. County Sheriff’s Office is now reviewing security footage from the West Hollywood hotel where Nyong’o was staying at the time of the theft. Hopefully this makes you feel a little better about misplacing your car keys this morning.

The dish: Smoked oysters, coarsely chopped and plunked down on a bed of warm linguine. Pearls not included. Get the recipe here.

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