10 ultra-cool travel mugs to get your caffeine fix in style

Save money, be environmentally friendly (and look good doing it) with these chic travel mugs.

Canada ranks third-highest in the world for total amount of coffee consumed per year (152 litres on average) (hey, we’ve got to get through those long winters somehow). About 35% is consumed “to-go” in single-use cups — meaning more than 1.6 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away each year in Canada.  Not only is it more eco-friendly to drink from a reusable cup, bringing your own from home can save you money — or at least get you a discount at your local coffee shop. Less waste in the landfill and unlimited refills? It’s win-win. Here are 10 stylish and practical travel mugs to help you get your caffeine fix in a more sustainable way:

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