Cobie Smulders: Five facts about TV's rising sensation

She plays, Robin Scherbatsky, the proud Canadian on the hit New York-based sitcom How I Met Your Mother, probably because she is one

Alvaro Goveia

Age: 28

Hometown: Vancouver

You know her from:
You may have seen her on The L Word. But now she plays Robin Scherbatsky, the cigar-smoking, scotch-sipping, hockey-loving, “eh”-saying Canadian transplant/news anchor on the hugely popular How I Met Your Mother that airs on CityTV.

Why she’s hot: It may be her first major TV role, but she’s already landed the cover of Maxim.

Lingo: “I say ‘literally’ a lot. Like, ‘I literally only slept two hours last night.’ Especially when it’s not quite literal.”

Good grub: “Comfort food means anything deep-fried, especially deep-fried mac-and-cheese. I love it. I could eat it all day.”

Nightstand necessities: “Right now I have a book, my alarm clock, a bottle of water and my alarm for my house, in case someone breaks in. I can just push the button and the police hopefully come. A panic button! Just what every girl needs.”

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