Chatelaine community forums FAQ

1. Why are you no longer supporting the forums?
Our Chatelaine experts are connecting with our readers through social media and across all of our platforms that we reach every day — the forums are no longer a reflection of these conversations. We want you closer to the conversation going on with the content we’re creating every day.

We can no longer support an unmoderated environment for one-to-one connections between our readers, we hope that you continue to foster those relationships directly through social media or other personal connections that you choose to establish.

We appreciate the loyalty and support that you have provided us and especially each other over the years through these forums.

2. How can I connect with Chatelaine as of Jan 1, 2014?
You can follow us on any one of our social platforms or subscribe to our daily and weekly newsletters here.


If you’ve got questions or concerns please see our Contact Us page.

3. What will happen to the forums as of Jan 1, 2014?
Starting on January 1 there will be no option to log in to your forum profile and the discussions contained on these forums will no longer be available.

However, your login information will still work at if you wish to comment directly on articles.

4. Can you send me all of my posts that I have made to the forums?
If you have content that you need from your current forum profile it is up to you to save it on your own device prior to January 1.

5. Will you be bringing back the forums in the future?
No, we will not be bringing back this space. We encourage you to join us in our social community if you still wish to continue to connect with Chatelaine.