Five cool things to do this week (August 23 to 29)

A camping newbie? Download this app and get out into the wilderness before the summer's over. Prefer the city? Check out the most colourful workout happening across the country.

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1. Celebrate Canada’s green space

This weekend those in Vancouver will be toasting the 125th anniversary of the infamous Stanley Park with archival videos, drop-in games, and a Theatre Under the Stars Grease sing-along. For those that aren’t in attendance, why not join the celebration by toasting your own favourite green space, by packing a lunch and settling into a long afternoon with your toes in the grass.

Celebrate Stanley Park, August 24-25

2. Go for a fun run

From neon lights to techno-coloured powdered paints, with a new wave of colourful workouts happening across the country, running 5k seems more like attending the coolest block party than a gruelling workout. This weekend the Radiant Run in Vancouver will have joggers passing artistic lights and music creations throughout a 5k course while decked out in wildly bright outfits, and the Colour Run in Ottawa will leave them painted in rainbow hues. Colour yourself happy and join the race!

Radiant Run, August 24, Vancouver

The Colour Run, August 25, Ottawa

3. Take camping 101

While the calendar suggests summer is coming to a close, camping enthusiasts still have another few weeks of setting up tents. If you’ve always wanted to spend a few nights in the wilderness but unsure you’d fare well, why not take a camping course to ensure you have all of the basics covered, or download Parks Canada’s handy “Learn to Camp” app.

Learn to Camp, August 24-25, St. Johns

4. Toast teachers

A recent survey conducted by Staples Canada revealed that close to one in five teaches feel under-valued or under-appreciated. As we get ready to settle into another school year, over the next week be sure to toast all of your family and friends who work in our education system. For those that are teachers (thank you!), head to Staples where over the next three weeks they will be offering a slew of special discounts until September 7th.

5. Join the fantasy frenzy

The New York Times best-selling book, City of Bones (the first instalment of The Mortal Instruments series) hits the silver screen this weekend. If you’ve yet to read Cassandra Clare’s novel now’s the time to settle into an urban fantasy and immerse yourself into a world of supernatural before taking a family trip to the movie theatre.

City of Bones, now playing at select theatres across Canada

City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare, $15.