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September 2004 issue: Buyers' guide


Every month in Chatelaine, we feature great products available in Canada – everything from daytime dresses to drawer pulls to dishes. To help you track down these items, we’re now posting a buyers’ guide. We base our list of stores on information available to us at the time of publication, then update it as needed.

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Identify the month of the issue, the page number and item you are interested in. We’ll do our best to track it down and share the information here and in our Buyers’ guides section.


Shirt and jeans, Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYL. Sweater, Banana Republic, 1/888/BR-STYLE. Shagg Salon, 416/934-1817.

Quality time

23 Zellers, Sears, IKEA, Chatelaine Home, The Shopping Channel, Brush, nail brush and soap dish, all IKEA. Rubber ducky, Serenity Group, 1/866/524-1115.
24 Umbra, Torre & Tagus,1/800/ 423-4417. InterDesign, 1/800/777-4995.
26 La Tomate, Mortar and pestle, William Ashley,

The Chatelaine Step Diet

68 From left: long-sleeved shirt and pants, both Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYL; sweatshirt on waist, Reebok, 1/800/668-1800; sweater, Old Navy, 1/800/OLD-NAVY; T-shirt and pants, both Gap. 70 Sunglasses, Old Navy.

Eat more, weigh less

78 to 86 Small white ramekins, large white bowl, small white plate, fork, white oval plate, small glass bowl, daiquiri glass and rectangular dish, all Williams-Sonoma, Spoon, large white plate, ice cream cone holder, white plate, beer mug and square plate, all Pottery Barn,

Natural remedies

88 All clothing, Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYL.

Look sharp

Shot partially on location at Brasserie Aix, 416/588-7377.
102 Bag, Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYL. Coat, Banana Republic, 1/888/BR-STYLE. Sweater, Essendi, at the following stores:
BC Langley – Ellas
BC Vancouver – Finns of Kerrisdale
SK Regina – Marbella
MB Winnipeg – Creative Wardrobe
ON Sault St. Marie – Fashion Shop
ON Oakville – Tocca Finita
ON Niagara on the Lake – Great Things
103 Blazer, top, bag and brooch, Gap. Pants and belt, InWear, 1/800/463-8127.
104 Trench, More & more, 1/877/638-5902. Jeans, Gap. Shoes, Cole Haan, Cole Haan.
105 Dress, Banana Republic. Hose, Dim, at specialty hosiery boutiques.
107 Sweater, Easel, 514/849-6011. Skirt and top, Kenzie, Belt, InWear, 1/800/463-8127.
109 Top, Banana Republic. Pants and shoes, Gap. Belt, Holt Renfrew,


One skirt, four looks
110 Skirt, Debbie Shuchat, 1/877/850-9998. Shirt, Mexx, 1/800/565-MEXX. Scarf, Echo, at the following stores:
BC Vancouver – Edward Chapman
BC Victoria – Homefront Holdings
ON London – Smart Women
ON Ottawa – Bowies Accessories
ON Toronto – Frock
PQ Valleyfield – Cajodi Boutique
NB St. Stephen – Modern Day Fashions
NB Fredericton – Fredericton Direct
Belt, Kudos, 1/877/995-8367. Bag, High Fashion Handbags. 416/444-9857. Shoes, Ralph Lauren, 1/800/668-1800. Shell and shrug, Nougat, 1/888/356-9226. Necklace, Garbo, The Bay. Shoes, Cole Haan, Cole Haan. Clutch, Town Shoes,
111 Blazer, InWear, 1/800/463-8127. Turtleneck, Dex, Belt, Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYL. Shoes, The Shoe Company, 1/888/874-6326. High Fashion Handbags, 416/444-9857. Sweater, InWear. Shirt, New Man, 1/877/284-9498. Shoes, Cole Haan, at Cole Haan; Brown’s Shoes,; and Blu’s Womenswear and Shoes, Bag, Danier,

Treat your skin

114 All clothing, Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYL.

Bathing beauties

150 Contractor, Jules with Tools, 905/775-5478. All of the following available from Rona, wall paint, Sico Chamois; nostalgia sink and two-piece toilet (special order), Crane; chrome neo-style faucet (special order), Delta; marina light, Globe. IKEA, Ginger’s, 1/888/444-3292.
151 Saltillo Imports, 416/441-2224. Torlys, Fabric: Fired Earth, Stone, Kravet/Lee Jofa, through the design trade: Montreal, 514/931-2437; Toronto, 416/921-1262; Calgary, 403/686-0916; Vancouver, 604/255-4242; Echohome, 1/866/622-7822. Ginger’s, 1/888/444-3292. Umbra, Toilet seat, IKEA. Old-fashioned shower head, Maax, special order from Rona. Mieda Design, 416/360-8321.
152 IKEA, Bathtub faucet (special order), drain and overflow, all Maax, Rona. Acca Kappa, Rona, Ginger’s, 1/888/444-3292.
153 Water supply line, curtain frame and riser, all Maax, special order from Rona. IKEA, Umbra,
154 Benjamin Moore, Sears, Sink, Addison’s, 416/539-0612.
155 L’Occitane, Palme d’Or, 1/800/361-3004.
157 Natphil, Taps Bath Centre, Skin care, Palme d’Or.
159 Restoration Hardware, Ginger’s, 1/888/444-3292. Potpourri, Palme d’Or.

Recipe index

161 Plate, The Main Course, 416/787-7742.

30-minute meals

162 Tea towel, The Main Course.
164 Plate, HomeSense, 1/866/466-3707.
165 Platter, Williams-Sonoma,
167 Plate, HomeSense. Chopsticks, Homefront, 416/485-2305.
169 Cutlery, Williams-Sonoma. Plate, HomeSense. Bowl, The Home Company, 416/695-8375.

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