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Salary envy

You find out she earns more than you for doing the same job. What’s the next step?

Do assess your contribution. Are you putting in longer hours than colleagues? Did you just clinch a big deal, or are you spending more time organizing your next job? Check average salaries for your job based on experience by talking to others and at sites such as

Do casually talk to your boss about goals or priorities and plant a seed or suggest a subsequent discussion about a raise. Be calm as you discuss your successes. Share some of the comparative salary info you have learned and point out how your work has helped your boss meet his or her goals.

Don’t expect everyone’s wage to be the same. Businesses increasingly gage each employee on her individual experience and contribution to the company.

Don’t get hostile with your boss. Always be professional; your manager is the individual who ultimately determines your compensation.

Don’t mention your co-worker’s salary. This is about your job performance and compensation. “Comparing your wage to someone else in your company,” says Kevin Makra, author of The Canadian Hidden Job Directory, “will never convince anyone to give you a raise.”