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Nine resolutions for your career

Make it a New Year's resolution this year to shine at work with these smart career tips

It’s January 1 and you’re ready to lose weight and quit that nasty habit. But this year don’t forget about your career. As you watch the clock strike midnight, try making some job-related New Year’s resolutions. Even just a few small steps can make sure you don’t get into a rut at work – they can even bring you a step closer to finding your ideal job.

Do lunch or coffee
Once a month book a coffee or lunch with someone you’d like to get to know professionally, whether it’s a colleague, a potential mentor or someone who works in a field you’d like to learn about.

Join a professional association or group
This will open up new doors for you through networking opportunities and chances to learn more about your field through conferences and courses.

Volunteer in your community
Bring your existing skills to an organization or cause you feel passionate about. Take this Find your cause quiz to be matched with a charity that needs your help. Or try learning something new as a volunteer. Giving your time to a good cause is a great way branch out and builds your community. Need ideas? Browse Chatelaine’s Make a Change guide.

Jump in at work
Volunteering can also take place at work. Volunteer to work on a particularly challenging project or take opportunities to help colleagues who need a hand. You’ll get the chance to learn something new and show your employer that you are open and ready for new opportunities.

Clean up
Clear your desk and workspace and commit to keeping it tidy. A messy desk is distracting to you and to the people who work around you.

And while you’re at it…
Clean up those loose ends in your finances. Have you signed up for the company pension plan and taken steps to maximize its value? Do you have unpaid bills or credit card debt you’re worried about? Take this opportunity to get serious about your financial future by getting out of debt and making the most of available opportunities to grow your money.

Be nosey
Make a point of asking more questions and talking less. Focus on taking the time to learn more about your company and the people you work with by listening to what they have to say.

Read everyday
More than ever before, there are places to read up on your industry, your company or possible career opportunities. Bookmark a few top industry websites and subscribe to or borrow copies of publications that can help you learn more about what you do and the industry you work in.

Be an idea person
Take the time to come up with a new idea or solution each month that can help you or your team do things better. That doesn’t mean telling people how to do their jobs, of course, but coming up with ideas to save people time or money is always appreciated.