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5 money bloggers you need to be following

These inspiring bloggers show us that with a little frugalness and know-how achieving financial freedom is possible.


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1. Squawkfox

Kerry K. Taylor’s site is the gold standard for personal finance blogging. You’ll find snappy writing and pictures that pop and topics that hit close to home: Is Costco really worth it? Why my unlocked iPhone is a great deal? How to buy a crock pot. Her blog posts are backed up with research and timely price comparisons that help you make better spending decisions. Lots of savings help is on offer too.

2. Ellen Roseman

Longtime Toronto Star columnist Ellen Roseman has been hearing Canadian consumers complain about bad service for decades. She also helps them get results by personally calling up companies who’ve done wrong by their customers. Through her blogs she shares money tips, advice on how to complain effectively about bad service and tips to avoid getting scammed.

3. Give Me Back My Five Bucks

In this blog, Krystal Yee openly tracks all of her spending week to week. Everything is itemized — from the price of a ferry ticket to a glass of bubble tea. You might think that sounds monotonous but it’s actually pretty fascinating. By tracking her spending and finding ways to save, Yee has paid off all her debt, achieved financial independence, and been able to travel the world. Kudos to her.

4. Million Dollar Journey

Blogger Frugal Trader bares all when it comes to his net worth, debt, and savings goals. His mission was to grow his net worth to $1M by the time he turned 35 — which he achieved in June of this year! He shares plenty of great tips and advice for others who want to do the same.

5. Gail Vaz-Oxlade

The ‘Til Debt Do Us Part host offers up no-nonsense advice on how to save money and break those nasty spending habits that keep us stuck in debt. It doesn’t get much better than Gail Vaz-Oxlade — after all, this is a person who dedicates her time to busting people on their dodgy spending habits.

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