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Eight tips for talking to your honey about money

The leading cause of arguments in relationships? You got it: money. Here's how to mix love and finance in perfect harmony.

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1. Be all businessBook a monthly (non-negotiable) meeting to review the state of your household nation. Look at debt, investments, bills, cash flow.

2. Time it right

Hold your monthly talks on the weekend, perhaps after a nice lunch together. Don’t wait until the end of the day when you’re both tired.

3. Focus on the big picture

Tailor your money talks to items that affect household planning or spending. Delve into details only if something doesn’t add up.

4. Allow some privacy

Don’t feel the need to question each other over every dime; this could get accusatory and exhausting. As long as the accounts are balancing, a little mystery helps keep the romance alive.

5. Don’t wing it

Bring the paperwork, bills and account statements so you can calculate your state of affairs based on facts, not guesses.

6. Set goals

Commit to new action steps each month. Nothing motivates like seeing progress on slashing down a debt or achieving a big, fat nest egg.

7. Use a tracking system

Create a spreadsheet or print out your monthly banking and credit card statements to help you see where your money is going.

8. Don’t surprise him

Never launch a money discussion by surprise. It’s not fair to catch your partner off guard.


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