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How to make your workplace more tolerant

Six ways to make your workplace more accepting of your religious practices

1. Identify your needs. When starting a new job, talk to your manager or a human resources representative. It’s their duty to accommodate reasonable requests, so don’t be shy.

2. Create a dialogue. You’re not obligated to share your beliefs, but starting a conversation can lead to more amicable relationships with your fellow cubicle dwellers.

3. Be aware that some religious practices can conflict with established practices at work. For example, safety concerns regarding loose clothing may outweigh a request for accommodation.

4. Be prepared to defend your practices. Your employer is entitled to ask for an explanation when you request time off for religious observance.

5. Plan ahead. Make sure you give human resources or your supervisor plenty of notice if you’re going to need time off or some other form of accommodation.

6. Be flexible. Your employer might not be able to provide a meeting room for daily prayer, but work together to find a mutually beneficial solution.